Audi TT Quattro Sport Concept

This is the new TT Quattro Sport concept, a gorgeous 420PS show car based on the new TT which has made its surprise world debut at this years Geneva Motor Show.

This “extreme driving machine” is a stripped out, lightweight version of the All-New-TT and uses a four cylinder 2.0 TFSI engine which can produce a staggering 420PS and will propel the car from 0-62mph in just 3.7 seconds with power put to all four wheels via a twin clutch S-Tronic gearbox.

Audi TT Quattro Sport

The engine which only weights 150kg has been commissioned personally by Audi’s new head of development “Dr Ulrich Hackenberg” and features a forged crankshaft, gas-flowed cylinder head and a newly designed turbocharger. Dr Ulrich has said “When I came to Audi I asked for more power from the 2.0 TFSI, after a while we reached 400hp, but I said it wasn’t enough, so eventually we reached 420hp and I’m satisfied,”. Producing 207bhp per litre compared to Mercedes A45 AMG which produces just 178bhp per litre, I think it’s safe to say its a job well done.

Audi TT Quattro Sport Side View

Cosmetically the front end of the car features a carbon-fibre reinforced polymer front splitter designed to give the car more down-force, a massive trapezoidal grille (which can also be found on the Quattro Concept), massive air intakes built into the front bumper and Matrix LED headlights.

Audi TT Quattro Sport Rear

Audi TT Quattro Sport Alloys

At the rear, the car features a huge racing car style rear wing and a rear diffuser formed from carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic. Other changes include 20″ alloy wheels, carbon-fibre bodywork and lower stiffened suspension designed to give the car a low and wide stance, whilst the “420” graphics add to the racing car image.

Audi Quattro Sport Interior

Inside the rear seats have been removed and replaced with a roll cage with storage for two racing helmets, with the front two seats now low-slung bucket seats trimmed in Alcantara with four-point harnesses. The stereo system has also been removed to save weight but the TT’s virtual cockpit 12.3″ screen has been kept behind the steering wheel.

Audi TT Quattro Sport Dashboard

Head room is actually very good due to a dome shape roof which extends to a large rear window which also gives the driver excellent visibility.

The new Audi TT Quattro Sport concept isn’t being marketed as a replacement for the RS line but more of a glance into what Audi expect to be able to do with the RS’s five-cylinder engine.