Flying car here in 6 years

The idea of a flying car has been around for years in science fiction movies and cartoons like the Jetsons, but it looks like this is finally set to become a reality with US firm Terrafugia confirming they are only about 6 years away from putting their TF-X on sale to the public.


With a range of 500 miles a top speed of 200mph and a price tag of £200,000 the TF-X is powered by a hybrid powertrain which powers the car in ground mode and two electric motors using one megawatt of power work with a 300hp engine driving the rotors when in flight.

Terrafugia Driving

With space for four people, the car can take off and land vertically meaning no runway will be needed for take off, and it’s even capable of autonomously avoiding other aircraft, bad weather conditions and being able to find its own suitable landing location although the driver or pilot always has the final say that its safe to land.

Terrafugia has released a video which can be viewed below which shows off the TF-X design and how it will operate. The ultimate toy in my opinion and with still a long wait, plenty of time to save up!