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Mercedes F015

This is the Mercedes F 015 Luxury in Motion, Mercedes first self-driving car, and boy does it live up to its name.

The futuristic looking pod designed car comes with a plethora of luxury items, including white leather seats, wooden flooring, camera systems and a whole host of computers but the icing on the cake it the fact that it can drive itself, giving you time to do more interesting things like checking up on your friends facebook wall to see what they had for dinner last night.

No more losing the will to live in traffic jams anymore as the car can do all the boring work for you. You can simply sit back and relax or even spin the front chairs around and have a nice little chat with your friends in the back.

Side view of mercedes f015

The idea behind the F 015 was to create an private sanctury on wheels, wether it be your mobile office or place to relax the F 015 is full of the latest computer technology meaning you are instantly able to connect to the virtual world, check your phone contacts via the onboard computer screens or chill out to some nice relaxing music streamed to the car via the net or your mobile device.

Behind the wheel

Its a rather unusual feeling, actually quite scary at first to have a vehicle accerating and braking by itself as you head up a busy road especially if you are sat facing the opposite direction having a chat to someone but this is certainly going to be the future of motoring.

Inside the Mercedes f015

Interior of Mercedes F015

Of course you can instantly take over the control of the car if that makes you feel more comfortable, infact anybody in the car can in affect become the driver as the F 015 has displays in the door panels that allow you to accelerate or decelerate the car by touching them.

The car or “spaceship on wheels” is powered by hydrogen, emits zero carbon dioxide and generates its own electricity with a driving range of 684 miles.


The F 015 has been in development by Mercedes-Benz for the last 4 years, the purpose of which is to demonstrate what is possible with the autonomous vehicle which is closer and closer to becoming a reality on our roads.

Social acceptance of the idea of cars that drive themselves is something manufacturers will have to try to overcome, this is why Mercedes has created a number of different systems to increase saftey. One example of which is a digital voice which will let pedestrians know that it is okay for them to walk in front of or behind the car.