Worlds Biggest Collection of Toy Cars

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Toy cars by the makers such as Matchbox and HotWheels have and always will be popular with little children but you probably wouldn’t imagine a Civil War would be a thing to inspire someone to collect them, well believe it or not that it exactly the reason why Billy Karam of Lebanon started his record breaking 30,000+ collection.
Largest Toy Car Collection in the World

The collection which has been certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as being the largest collection of its type in the world, belongs to a former amateur racing driver with a passion for exotic sports cars, who as a child remembers his house being raided during Beirut’s Civil War and having all his possessions including his treasured toys stolen.

As the country slowly recovered from its past troubles, Billy decided to rebuild his collection and at the same time recreate some of his favourite motor racing scenes.

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